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Idea for an inexpensive nano cube

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I was bored and searching around for ideas to do another nano tank and found acrylic display cases for basketballs and footballs. Does anyone think they would hold water if turned upside down?
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I guess one way to find out is to fill it with water and wait a while to see if you notice any leaks.
At acmoore or michaels where you find those display sometimes they will have 10 or 12 inch glass box in the floral depatment
I was in Michael's recently. They have glass vases of every size and shape.
They have great bowls at michaels i know it is not a cube but for $20 and they always have 50% off coupons in the paper on sunday might be wroth it just a thought...also they sometimes get pretty good cubes but i think i seen them maybe twice in the past 6 months that would even be useable. There is a kit if you want a 3 gallon tank jbj make a great kit for 60$ all in one, it real big with the reefers seen them in person if i didnt have as many as tanks as i do i would have one for sure
I am thinking about using one of the large glass cubes from Michaels in my build.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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