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ID This LED Strip

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Please ID my LED Strip Light. Got it cheap in a deal without transformer. Yes, I know its missing the wire legs. Bought it for a growout container.

No branding anywhere. All white LEDs. Either it can be daisy chained to another LED or thats an end port for a corded controller. Thanks!


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Thanks I was researching other names because I was given FLuval remotes for the lights. I will cont Odyssea for the the transformer.

Replacement Parts -Odyssea Aquarium Appliance Co.,Ltd

If you care to remove the plug you can use a bunch of different power supplies/dimmers/timers..
Thank you. Model # ? Has 180 LEDs
Probably this or related model. Chance it might have the smaller LED's (.2W) not .5W but if you size the power supply to the .5 no harm no fowl..

LED Pent 48" HI Lumen Timer Ready-Odyssea Aquarium Appliance Co.,Ltd
topdog sellers on the eeek bay should have one..

There is a chance it runs 12V but not likely..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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