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ID these plants i found :D please

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I managed to find these in a river within nottingham could someone please ID these. I will be treating them with potassium permanganate before i put them in my livestock tank.

Plant one

Plant two

I believe that one was Rotala rotundifolia

plant three

Thanks I also found this fish is anyone knows what type it is, it looks like a goby to me

here he is white (the colour i found him)

mini clams at front i also found

here he is much darker a few hour later

I was very surprised when i found the fish as i have never seen one in the wild before and didnt expect to see them in this area.
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I'd guess that that is some sort of goby as well, though I don't know anything beyond that. It certainly looks physically similar to the round gobies we've got plaguing our rivers, different markings though.
Plant three almost looks like a hydrocotyle sp. Perhaps its H. ranunculoides?

First plant might be Callitriche Stagnalis? Not sure though. Second plant could be rotundifolia, however I am not that good with Rotala's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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