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Id Please!

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So, months ago my wife bought some Mopani wood from the LFS. It was labeled as good for reptile and freshwater aquariums.

After more than 2 weeks soaking outside, it was still releasing tannins but she was tired of waiting and put it in. It immediately got covered with the clearish/white slime that accompanies Mopani wood when it is introduced to a new aquarium. After some research she was reassured that the bacteria were benign and temporary.

And it did clear up, just fine. Only to be replaced by THIS:

The only thing she's found on the internet was two other aquarists asking what are these red bumps on my Mopani? With no answers. It seems this has stumped more than one aquarium community.

Now, some facts:
1) Seems benign. Everything's at great levels but Nitrates, which hover at ~30 ppm.
2) Has been in the tank ever since I finished treating Moby with Melafix
3) Some feeder fish that were hanging out in the tank last week were eating it.

Any ideas?
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