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ID, Please! Exceptionally Tall Grass-Like Plant

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I found a plant that looks like a very tall microsword plant crossed with an onion plant. I will try to take a picture soon. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas without any pictures to help ID the plant. The LFS employee couldn't ID it either. It was sold in a bunch. The base of the plant isn't a bulb. Its root system is pretty weak on most of the stalks at this point. When its leaves grow above the water's surface, the grass stands erect over the water. The leaves grow in segments and are a shade of light green like microsword.

I know my description is a little scant. Does anyone have any ideas on what this plant might be?
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Finally, Images!

The roots/lower portion of the plant.

The plant, close-up and showing its basic shape.

-Yes, it does seem segmented somewhat like bamboo. This plant is much thinner though.
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Segments like bamboo?
Yes, I would say it is segmented like bamboo.
Septate leaves.

It looks like either Lileaopsis macloviana or L. carolinensis. Probably the former.
Lileaopsis macloviana is right! Thank you, Tinanti.
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