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ID my shrimp

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I don't usually make impulse purchases. In fact, the employees at one LFS call me "clipboard dude", because they usually see me a couple times in the store with a clipboard, jotting stuff down, before I actually buy anything. That's me doing my research. But today, in was the store, getting some substrate for my new tank, and wandered over to check out the shrimp. These were a really low price, and I kinda like their bluish tint. I'm about to start acclimating them to my second, non-planted tank, I think. But wanted to know, what do I have here? The pictures:


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Petco calls them "whisker shrimp"
Awesome, thanks for the info. They are apparently kinda aggressive, but cool. One is berried, so maybe I'll be able to start a colony in my 35 gallon hex. Can't seem to find any care tips, though. (Admittedly a short search, though.) Know where I can get more info?
Looks like Ghost/Glass shrimps sometimes called feeder shrimps.

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