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I just added my first fish to my 20 gallon tank (cycled). I was having some algae problems so i picked up an albino bristlenose pleco. He's only about an inch long, and today I noticed some white specks on his fins. Im pretty sure this is ich, but I'm just making sure. If this is ich, what should i do? I put a heater in and the tank is about 80 degrees now. I have this medicine from awhile ago when I used to have tanks set up called QuICK Cure. Should I use this? I dont like it, because it turns the water blue, and is it safe for my plants? The pleco is the only thing in the tank besides plants. Here are some pics: (The green thing is a zip tie holding my anubias to the driftwood)

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looks like it.

quick cure= good stuff.
Only thing that I do not like about it is the warning that says it can cause cancer:icon_eek:
Quick cure does not cure Ich quickly. It takes just as long as any other cure. It does work, though.
You can just use heat to cure Ich; or heat and salt. Slowly raise the temp to 86 (the temp found to speed up the life cycle of Ich) and increase aeration in the tank (an air stone or bubble wand is a good idea here; the higher temp in the water will lower oxygen levels). Do daily water changes and gravel vacuums to suck up the Ich in its free-floating stage. Treatment takes about 2 weeks on average. When you see the fish free of the spots, keep treatment going for another week or so. Then start lowering the temp slowly. You can add some aquarium salt too if you have it but it isn't needed.
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