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Ich treatment

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I noticed today that one of my harlequin raspboras has a few white spots on him. He has been in the tank close to a month and was fine until recently. I have not noticed anything on my other harlequins or rummy nose tetras. Everyone is eating and swimming normally. I do not have a quarantine tank setup.

What are my options for treatment? This is the first time I have dealt with this and I am still new to the hobby. The tank is about 80% planted with a few nerite snails in addition to the fish previously mentioned. It is a 20 gallon long with an aquaclear 30 and 50 running if that matters. Temps are set to 78 but can drop as low as 76 over night. I dose seachem equilibrium, phosphorus, potassium and kno3 once a week (kn03 is done on a separate day from the rest). I do 5 gallon water changes every other week in addition to toping off what evaporates, but recently it has been more like 5 gallons per week since I am battling some algae. The tank is still relatively new as it was set up towards the end of January.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Another vote for temp treatment. I'd normally go with 90 degrees but 95 - 100 for discus, angels, and other warmer water fish, with an airstone and good surface agitation to keep as much oxygen in the water as possible.
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