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Ich treatment

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I noticed today that one of my harlequin raspboras has a few white spots on him. He has been in the tank close to a month and was fine until recently. I have not noticed anything on my other harlequins or rummy nose tetras. Everyone is eating and swimming normally. I do not have a quarantine tank setup.

What are my options for treatment? This is the first time I have dealt with this and I am still new to the hobby. The tank is about 80% planted with a few nerite snails in addition to the fish previously mentioned. It is a 20 gallon long with an aquaclear 30 and 50 running if that matters. Temps are set to 78 but can drop as low as 76 over night. I dose seachem equilibrium, phosphorus, potassium and kno3 once a week (kn03 is done on a separate day from the rest). I do 5 gallon water changes every other week in addition to toping off what evaporates, but recently it has been more like 5 gallons per week since I am battling some algae. The tank is still relatively new as it was set up towards the end of January.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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I like heat treatments for Ich. What I've done with success is slowly raise the tank temp to about 90 degrees. Then keep it there for 10 days after you last notice any white spots on the fish. dont worry about what your heater is set to so much as the temp of the water!
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