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I've got a 29g planted, non-co2/Excel, freshwater tank that was started back in Jan. And I was having a bit of a problem with various types of algae (probably due to lights being on too long). Nothing was out of control. And I was determined to not have a knee-jerk reaction until things got better established. In fact, the otos were starting to put a major dent in the diatoms and things were looking up.

...when I got a case of Ich in my otos. I've increased my heat to 86. And I slowly added 3 tsp of salt to the tank. I'm trying not to add too much salt because I've also got cories in there. I'm not using other meds at this point. The otos are looking better. I've got a few new spots that popped up on a couple of cherry barbs. So the ich is not through running it's course, but I haven't lost any fish and I'm optimistic that we'll get through this.

My question has to do with my algae. The thread algae has 90% disappeared which is what I hated the most. And other spots are looking better as well. Is it the temp or salt that's do this? Or is it just coincidental because I'm not using my lights as much?
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