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So, I have a 29 gallon tank that I am trying to plant. It had Cherry barbs three cories and two Farlowella (twig) catfish in it. I think that the second farlowella brought the ich in. I quarantined him for a week, and he was from a trusted local fish store, So i figured he would be ok to go into the main tank. A few days after adding him I saw some ich on my barbs and a couple of them were flashing. SO, I moved the whole lot of fish to a 10g empty tank to treat.
It has been about 10 days since that move. The cories never showed any signs of ich, while everyone else had it-which i thought was wierd :p But a few of the barbs got pretty bad. I was/am treating with Coppersafe at the recommended dose of 5mL/4g and changing the water 90% each evening and that seems to have worked for the barbs. The temp is about 88F. They no longer have any visible ich, though one of them is still flashing occasionally. I'm keeping them in the 10g with the catfish. The cories I put back into my main tank today, since they were doing fine and never once had any sign of being affected.
I noticed today that the Farlowella are covered in ich, all over. I was wondering if they were more susceptible to the ich than the others maybe? and that is why they still have lots visible, and the barbs have none? It is wierd to me that they would have so much, and the other fish in the tank seem to be ich free. I upped the does of coopersafe a little, i just added 2mL. So now there is 12mL coppersafe in 10g of water. I am watching to make sure the fish don't react adversely. Is this ok to do? I am thinking that maybe I have a particularly resistant strain, and/or that the Farlowella are particularly easy to host for the ich.

Anyway, is this ok to do, and does anyone have any tips. Would it be ok to move the barbs in a few days if I have not seen any ich on them for a week? Maybe they have become resistant to the ich strain? I know it is smarter to leave them in there, but I would like to be able to move them back before I leave for school. And yes, the tank is going with me. :)

Thanks for reading this long thing, I would be grateful for any comments. Thanks!
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