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ich--no inverts, what should i use?

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I have ich in my tank. I know, quarantine, quarantine, but it's at my work, so it's unfortunately not possible to fit another tank on my desk.

I don't have any inverts in the tank, so is it safe to use copper? If not, what should I use?
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i have had great success with API super ick cure. It contains malachite green and within 3-4 days all the signs of ick disappeared in my tank. When using this increase the temperature of the tank gradually until about 84 degrees. And just stick to the general directions on the back.
Cool, I'll look into that. The reason I was asking about copper is that one of my friends here at work has some.
rid ich. its cheap, works in two days, and plant safe
I use Quick Cure, its really fast. If you can't find it than RidIck is good too, same effective medication in them both I think. (most of those dark die-ish medications will work) Copper is probly not that effective agenst Ick....I dont really like copper for anything really.
I don't use any ick cures anymore. I just raise the tank temp up to 86 F and it kills everything. Big water change after 2 weeks and start lower the temp back to normal.
Quick Cure for sure... I have used it with tetras and it worked without any issues. If your temp is below 82 rise to 84. Look up in google Quick Cure definitely works better than anything else.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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