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I would love some input or advice

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Hi I really don't post much here but I frequent the site a least once a week and read various journals articles ETC..

I am now asking for some advice as to my new tank setup

Here is how I arranged the rock

I'm happy with the way I arranged the rocks but after I planted the tank I felt a little dissatisfied with the end result.

A little advice or direction would really help me out here.

Thank you,
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Looks good so far.

I'd move the two tall stones to one of the sides so it's not right in the middle of the tank (it should follow the rule of thirds - Google for more information).

Also, your stem plants should be behind the stones (especially the water sprite). These plants will get much taller and cover the stones completely.
With all due respect to TLE041's suggestion, i think it's great the way it is. I really like how the colors of the rotala wallichii blend in with the colors of the rock. Just keep the water sprite trimmed low and let everything else grow in. Maybe try something in the right back side, like blyxa aubertii or maybe even a large branchy piece of driftwood. I wouldn't do anything with the rock placement, since i think it looks great, except maybe move it all to the right a few inches if that isn't too much trouble.

I think you're dissatisfied with it because you were probably going in the direction of an iwagumi tank, which is typically more focused on the hardscape and has less stem plants in the back. It's hard to find an "in-between" style which looks so amazing when done correctly.

Regardless of what changes you do or don't make, you're on your way to a beautiful aquarium!
Thanks for the tips guy's I know the right back side is in need of some plants. I haven't decided what to put there yet though. I plan on mowing down all of the plants once they root in.

I originally tried to position the stones a little off center but I couldn't get it to look right.
Those stones are beautiful! I would move taller growing plants to the back or sides so you can see the stones and their configuration better. Plants will only get denser/block more as they grow.
I'm going to try cutting the water sprite down low to see what it will look like short. If I don't like the way it looks I'll move it all to the right corner.

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The water wisteria is killing it I would move it to the right and call it a day
Increasing the grade of the slope would help make the rocks more prominent in the scape. Also the wisteria is in the way.
I think you did a great job on arranging the rocks, but they are too small for the tank with the plants you've chosen. If you use a low laying carpet plant (HC, trimmed glosso), I think you would like it a lot better.
I'm with Problemman.

And the rocks are great features! They really center your tank. I think the stem plants in front of them are hindering your tanks balance.
Thank you for the responses everyone. I will try moving the wisteria on Monday.

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Glad you are moving the wisteria. You will always be working against the nature of the plant. One thing neat about your rocks is that you can see their detail.

I also think you should not have it right smack dab in the middle of your tank. It's more esthetically pleasing to have it somewhat off centered. You get a deeper depth of field by having a slope to the back as well.

The C. frucata isn't doing much for you in there...
Yeah the furcata is struggling to stay alive. I've always liked the way this plant looks. it's still adjusting I hope it bounces back.

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The rocks look pretty good. Very common reaction when you have nice hardscape and you add plants. Bascially your hiding what you liked about the rocks in the first place. A scape like that IMO you need to keep it minimal with planting. I would keep it to just a few species and no color off to the sides. Once you add color away from rock focal point, you've created another focal point and it's distracting not relaxing.
Hmmm.... Something to think about thanks houseofcards. I'll keep that in mind. One step at a time :)

I took everyones advice and moved the wisteria. I also adjusted the rocks a little.

Looks better :thumbsup:

Now I'll wait until the plants fill in and then see if any changes need to be made.

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Looking much better. Be careful not to make each side a reflection of the other.
Ok will do.

I've been reading through some older aquascaping threads and I realize that I've made a lot of mistakes with respect to the "rules" for a visually pleasing layout. Some have already been mentioned and thanks again everyone for the advice. It seems to me that less is more with a hardscape like this. I am thinking of keeping just the glosso, blxya, and the R. Wallicki. I love the way the wallicki looks. This is the first time that I've grown this plant and I would really like to incorporate it somewhere.

I'm going to trim the tank sometime this week. I have some time to think about what to do next.

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