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I would love some help.........

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At the moment I have two tanks that I am trying and failing to grow plants in, it seems even the "beginner plants are to advanced for me.
Tank 1: 20 long
Fluval 206 filter
Eheim jagger heater
30 pounds Flourite black
5 pounds black gravel
One Beamworks Da Fspec pent with 10,000k spectrum (not sure if that matters)
Plants: Annubias nana petite( doing ok but the newest addition), java moss ( is a brownish green color but growing), dwarf sag ( been in tank for two weeks now with no new growth and is melting), Amazon sword compacta (doing ok....), Cork screw val ( growing slowly but leaves get more yellow every day)
Fish: 3 hatchet fish ( I plan on swapping these guys out for some chili rasbora), A pair of Apisto Borelli blue that just laid eggs:grin2: ( i would like to add another pair or maybe more females I read they are harem breeders.
Goal for this tank: some sort of carpeting plant, for my spider wood to be covered in healthy green java moss, and to have a lush background full of Amazon sword compacta.NO CO2!!

Tank 2: 40 breeder
Hydor 305 filter
Cobalt heater
30 pounds of Flourite black
40 pounds of eco complete planted
1 planted plus 24/7 se
1 Beamswork da fspec ( same light as 20 just longer)
Plants: about 10 corkscrew vals that I cut completely back after I got them and they are growing slowly but surely, java fern attached to a large piece of spider wood, flame moss attached to same large piece of spider wood, and until today a bunch of dwarf sag that I pulled because they had completely melted including all the roots.
Fish: 9 rasboras, and a pleco. I do plan on getting rid of all these fish and doing an electric blue ram tank with some dither fish.
Goal for this tank: some form of carpeting plant, lush corkscrew/jungle val background, something red in the mid ground, and tons of moss on my spider wood.
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Hi austin187,

What fertilizers are you using? How much? How often?

What is the photoperiod for each tank?

Pictures of the plants (not necessarily the whole tank) might help us diagnose the issue(s).

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I am using one called thrive that I got off amazon about once a week. As far as my photoperiod goes I have lights on for about 10 hours a day.

Bump: I decided to just pull out all the dwarf sag in my both my tanks and replaced it with some dwarf four leaf clover, I also added 4 more compacta amazon swords to my 20 long, as well as a red dwarf water lily to my 40. In the past week, I did start to have a crazy hair algae problem in my 20 long so I thought adding more plants might help out-compete the algae. I also began dosing the 20 with excel today to hopefully help with the algae issue. All in all, I am incredibly lost.

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Shorten your lighting period. Cut back to 6 hours a day. Manually remove as much algae as possible. You can split the lighting period into two periods with a few hours in between. The plants will do well, but the algae doesn't like it.
Once the algae is under control, you can add 30 minutes per day once a week, if you see algae coming back, reduce lighting back to the length of the previous week.

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All in all, I am incredibly lost.

It seems like a terrible thing to say but I think this is pretty common for many of us if we keep at it . At some point I seem to come around to feeling this way now and then. Right now I'm going back to review what is going on! I've got this one anubia that just seems to WANT to be a problem! It used to grow and prosper but not now. I often just chunk any new type plant that doesn't work in my tank and my water but since this one was good, it seems I'm doing something different but what?
If it was easy, everybody would be doing it, right? Since I'm the best plant growing fool on my block, I can live with that!

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Gotta say, we all have had your struggles. The hardest part in the planted hobby, I say personally... is finding a light suited for you and your tank.

So with that being said, what's the height of your aquarium? From substrate to lip let's say. Now, I follow a YouTube called Aquapros, and he did a review on the Beamswork, thing is, is that I never saw it on his tanks after a week... is it a good light that he enjoyed? Maybe, but not for his high tech setups. What are you looking to achieve?

If you want a carpet, I'm sad to say you are probably going to have to look at high tech, but there are a lot of effiecent options.

Look on amazon for some cheap c02 5lb containers and a solenoid. I got all of mine for under $98, and refills aren't bad every three months.

If you like your beamswork LED, maybe get another and dose ferts to help the plants. If you want to upgrade your light, please check out the Finnex Ray II, it has amazing PAR and would work well with your Beamswork to grow a carpet

Remember that plants need light and c02 to perform photosynthesis and stay healthy to outcompete algae

Don't lose hope! I'm probably going to not be done with my lighting either

Edit: Really focus on the height of your tank. If you are using a semi decent light at 20", the amount of PAR you are going to get to your plants is going to be dismal.
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