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I think my plants have C02 deficiency

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I have planted the "beginner, easy to grow" plants such as anubius nana, java fern, a few swords and some tiny cryptocoryns and they are all turning brown. They still produce nice new green leaves which eventually turn brown. I am using substrate pellets and some leaf fertilizer which doesn't seem to help. Is it because of a C02 deficiency? Will Flourish Excel help with that? My tank is too small for C02 canisters and way too expensive for my small tank. :help:
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Do you have a picture of your plants?

What kind of lighting do you have? How long is it on for?

What substrate pellets and fertilizers are you using? How often do you use them?
Unlikely unless you have high lighting, but answer darkblade's questions and we'll be able to give you a much better answer.
One of my big problems is I have LED lighting and no idea what watt they are! Nobody else seems to know exactly either. They are 3 strips of lights; 2 day white, and one pink and white. I've used just two and then all 3. I leave them on about 8 hours a day.

I used Eco complete and rounded medium size gravel on top.

I bought plant pellets on line at called TOTAL SUBSTRATE PELLETS

The liquid plant food is Tetra Flora Pride. I used one pellet between my two swords about 2 weeks ago and some flora pride about the same time. I haven't dosed since then.

Here is a photo of my plants from about 2 weeks ago. The plants are browner now. There are also corkscrew val in the photos which have mostly melted so I cut them way back, but new growth is emerging. I also have since taken the fern out which was not a true aquatic and got covered with serious moss.


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As Dark mentioned we need to know the answer to those questions, but I can say 100% you do not have a CO2 deficiency.

If you did then the plant could not produce new leaves like you say they are. Carbon is needed to make cell walls and all the other structures in a plant. Without carbon the plant would sit there unchanging indefinitely until it died of old age.
Here are my plants as of today. I just took them. Sorry one of them is not too clear. There is a lot of reflection. Hope you can see the difference.


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Perhaps it is the photos, but this looks more like a diatom or algae issue than damaged plants. Can you rub off the brown areas?
When I did my water change today I did try to rub it off, but nothing came off.

How do I get the diatom or algae out of my tank, if it is that? I do water changes every week.
I think it's the lighting.
Too much or not enough?
The outside of the leaves turning yellow suggest a nitrogen deficiency
Nitrogin? really?
The tips of old leaves starting to turn yellow/pale is nitrogen deficiency yes, but the photos above aren't clear enough to tell if that is happening or not. The leaves look a little brown to me, as if they are covered by something. A higher res image would help figure out what is wrong.

Have a look through and see if your plants look similar to nitrogen deficiency.
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