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I think my fish has Dropsy..?

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My congo tetra has appeared stressed lately and his mouth is gaping rapidly pretty much non stop. He also has turned down all attempts at feeding him, including live brine shrimp :-/. I figured something must have been stressing him, but that it would soon pass over, as there weren't any obvious physical signs of a problem to begin with.

But then comparing him to the other congos around him, and checking the symptoms of Dropsy, things began to stand out. His abdomen is a little swollen, and his eyes are looking even more drugged than is normal for a congo.
I hope he's still in the early stages of Dropsy (if it is dropsy) and that I can help him recover. Looking for advice here guys :help:.

I've set up my 60L as a quarantine tank which is now running, gonna head to the lfs to grab a dropsy treatment
(i'm going on him having dropsy.. Unless anyone here thinks otherwise?).


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