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I think I need a second filter. Suggestions?

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I have a 20 long and I don't think my aquaclear 30 is providing enough filtration. I want to add another filter but not sure what I should get. I could get a second hob filter but it's really bulky and obvious and I would like to avoid that if possible. I can't afford to buy a canister filter. What other options are there?
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I don't own one but those aquatop filters are on the cheaper side and most people have had good to say about them. Other than that, there are no real cheap options but another hob or sponge filter.
Never used a sponge filter. How exactly do they work?
eheim and fluval can be found cheap on craigs list too. Got mine for 25 dollars 305 and eheim classic for 45
Why not replace the AC30 with a 50? No reason to have two on there, just upgrade the one.
You can get the Nexx filter from for $67.77 with free shipping. Retail price on the Nexx is $100+.

You can use the Rena square filters or create your own media by adding the pre-filter sponge inside one or both of the Nexx's two cylinder chambers.

You can add up to two more dual-chamber add-ons to the Nexx. That'll give you six chambers to mix-n-match whatever media you want.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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