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I look up at my tank and notice my Blind Cave Tetras are all being a bit rowdy.

They are chasing each other and generally look like they are fooling around. It doesn't look mean at all - no biting - just sort of chasing and brushing up against each other.

Then I notice one of the smallest ones is floating front-end-up near the surface. "Oh gosh what's wrong with him?" I think. I look closer and he is grabbing one of the roots from my greater duckweed (some of these roots get to be 5 inches).

He breaks the root free, grabs it by the middle, and then starts racing around while the others chase him. Then he dropped that root and found another and raced around with that one.

They don't seem to actually eat the roots. It is like he was just playing with them. It really looked like they were playing some sort of game!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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