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i think i have this ferting down.

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Ok, i ordered rex's combo pack for my 55 gallon, co2 injected, 4.something wpg tank loaded with plnts.

before dosing, this was my No3 readings- before WC on sunday-No3-0-5ppm

after WC no3-0.
the plants are obiously using a ton of N, because i have a lot of fish and decaying plant matter hidden and my grandma overfeeds 2 -3 times a day.

Any way, with chuck's calculator, i figured out what and how much i needed to dose.

sunday(yesterday) i dosed 1 teaspoon of KNO3 to give me 18.16 ppm No3, and 11.~ K.

I made a solution of 2 tablespoons KH2PO4 in 250 ml water to give me .4~ ppm/ml. I dosed 4ML, giving me ~ 1.6 ppm.

now, i am wondering, should i be dosing like that, once a week, or dosing smaller amounts several times per week?

Now, take out the factors of fish, food, poo, plant decay, and tap water, those don't matter to me right now. I just want to figure out how i should be dosing my tank with "pristine" conditions, because obviously the NO3 created by these factors is being used well, so i will factor these in later.
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