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I'm setting up a freebie 29G tank,

Eheim 2213
Koralia Nano 425 for circulation,

Pressurized CO2

50+ lbs substrate so will be around 13-14" below lights at max, maybe 16" at lowest depth in the mid/foreground...

My goal is med -high light, lots of growth,

I enjoy the trimming/maintenance of this hobby, just looking to push my boundaries:confused1:

I have EXACTLY $100.20 left in my budget for lighting. I've been through Hoppy's:angel: excellent thread re: PAR and t5, reflectors, Distance from the substrate, etc. and have narrowed it down to these fixtures:

I can go Coralife 30" dual T5HO, 2x31W, replacing the actinic for a 6700K or a Colormax bulb. As far as I know, Coralife is the only manufacturer to have a true 30" fixture on the market. I'm a little worried that in a year from now the bulbs won't be available.

Or Odyssea 2x24W(6700K) t5HO, or 4x24W(6700k) T5HO.
- As the reflectors on Odyssea's fixtures are less than excellent, I'm leaning towards the 4x24w, on staggered light duration. I'm also planning on using 1-2 layers of screening mat'l over the lights, to lower the overall light level, or hanging the fixture about 24" above the bottom of the tank, not incl. gravel...

Am I setting myself up for an algae war-of-the-worlds? I just feel that the mediocre reflectors would place the 2x24W out of my lighting goals...

What Say Y'all?:icon_eek:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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