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Can someone thats good with this stuff help me with dosing my 36gal. heavily planted tank I have all of Gregs ferts here is a list:
Mono Potassium Phosphate
Potassium Nitrate
Potassium sulfate
Iron Chelate 10%
Magnesium sulfate

I have gone over the calculator many times but I guess I'm just not that smart when it comes to this I did use the regimine that I found on another site :
Tank's (2)
50%H20 change-weekly
+/-1/2Tsp KN03 3x a week
+/-1/8Tsp KH2P04 3x a week
+/-1/8Tsp K2S04 3x a week
+/-10ml Trace 3x a week
+/-2-4ml Fe/Iron 3x a week
But should I just go by this and not worry that I might be adding to much? I think adding iron 3X a week is to much? But anyway here is what I have for equipment

36gal corner
Eheim 2126 thermofilter {rated for 92gal}
Two 36watt PC's from AH-supply {1}6700K {1} 10K
C02 {yeast}
3" Flourite/gravel mix
2-L134's {Leopard Plecos}
a pair of Apisto dwarf Cichlids

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I have a 50 gallon. 2 x 96 Watt (I usually only use one of the 96 Watt lights), same filter, 3" all Flourite, Pressurized CO2. I dose the same as you have listed above except I only add the Iron once a week, 5ml. I am out of town a lot, so it is more common that I dose 2X a week instead of 3.

I have never had green algae, when I did have a small bit of hair or thread algae I did not feed for a week and the fish and shrimp cleaned it up. The plants grow great.

I think you *may* have an issue with getting enough CO2 into the tank.

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