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I need to up my WPG.

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I need to up my WPG but i am unsure how. I have 2 20w in a 100l tank, it's a fluval duo 800. I can't find a way to put more lights in as the hood comes with a built in lighting unit, with not much space to put anything more in. Anyone know of a 24" tube with a higher wattage???????
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You will need a new ballast to do that...

Look around in your area for a retrofit kit...
Yea, Fluoscent bulbs. Depending on the length is how much Watt it puts out

And what Craig said^^
Looks good but i'm unable to order as i'm from the uk, thanks anyway!!
Try to post your question on this site also

Im a member there as well, even tho I live here in the states....they have a good bit of members from the UK there

Good luck:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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