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I was walking around my moms yard when I found this amazing piece of driftwood. She had some kind of "air plant" in it. I am a going to clean it this weekend and soak it in her pool (it's just tap water, no chemicals)

here is a pic of it. I would like for you guys to give me some ideas how to plant it.

there are 2 shelfs on it. a larger one towards the right-middle and a smaller one at the top. I would like a list of plants to put in these shelfs. they are about 1inch deep so i guess i could put some substrate in it.

i'm sure I'll put some kind of moss on it (I was thinking flame moss) but I'm up for any suggestions.

Here is a pic of the tank that i'm putting it in. The only problem is that it is 22" tall and my tank is 18.5" so i'm going to have to trim the bottom.

any suggestions you guys can give will be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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