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So I want to add plants to my aquarium. I made a rock wall simulating a cliff, and I want the foreground to look like a rainforest. Since everything is scaled down, I need some specific plants. For example, I can't just throw some Java Fern in there because that would be about the size of a full grown tree when scaled down, and I don't think many trees in the rainforest look like giant Java Ferns.

I have Java Moss that I can attach to the cliff face, simulating plants growing up the cliff. I am thinking about taking a Marimo Moss Ball apart and carpeting the bottom of my tank. I have also heard of people taking pieces of driftwood that resemble full grown trees and adding Java Moss to simulate the leaves in the tree.

I will probably end up having low to medium light in the tank, set at 78 degrees. I don't know much about fertilizer, and CO2 is too expensive. Ideally, I would like to use low maintenance plants. However, I will take any suggestions. If they sound really neat, I might give in and add ferts or CO2.

One last thing. Like I said, I really want to have miniature trees. I know I could use driftwood, but that's pretty tough. I can't imagine I would find many pieces that resemble miniature trees. So if you have any other ideas how to go about that, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.
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