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I need LED lighting recommendations...

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Hey Guys!

So I want to use LEDs on my 60 gallon cube and have been spending way to much time researching with no real end in sight. At this point I am considering SB Reeflights freshwater (ramping) version, Eco Tech Marines new Radion XR15FW Gen4 (not available yet), Kessil's 360 Sun, and even the Fluence Ray 22. Not sure if this is the same as the LUMEN BLASTER LED DUTCH PLANTED 6300K... Oh I'm also considering the HALO Deluxe FX80 Freshwater LED as well.

Anyway, suggestions would be appreciated...
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Well, I just ordered Eco Tech Marine's new Radion XR15FW Gen4. I am sure I won't need to run it at full. The spectrum profile sold me on this light.
Those Halos would be a damn good choice as well as the Kessils. Their ability to provide STRONG PAR even at depths over 20" is incredible. Good choice with the Eco Tech!! Cha Ching!!
Hi thercman,

Welcome to TPT!

Here is a comparison of three of the more popular LED fixtures for planted tanks
; maybe it will help you get started.
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