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I need help :(

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Hey Guys, I have searched for a long time and done research, but just cant find the right thing.

I have about $140 to spend on lighting.
I have a 23" deep tank, 48" across.
and I want high lighting for a planted aquarium.
I want to grow a carpet of dwarf hair grass. and add a few other plants.
maybe some baby tears.

with my tank being so deep, I am looking for something powerful.

I bought the Finnex Planted + that changed colors and had a remote, but I didn't think it was powerful enough, and it was too yellowish.

do you guys have suggestions for something with power? maybe a cool white look.
Should I get flood lights?
or desk lamps?
I want to get my tank going, but am stuck on this.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I know that this is yesterday's technology, but I have two F32T8 6500K fluoroscent tube bulbs over my 75 gallon tank. I have each tube overdriven using a 4 tube ballast to power one bulb.

I have one of Hoppy's PAR meters and at the substrate level I get between 60-100 PAR.

The bulbs cost about $3.00 each, the ballast cost $12 each and the fixtures were found on craigslist for about 5 bucks. Total: $40

Not the most advanced tech, not as energy efficient as LED, but very inexpensive to build and maintain!

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