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I'm really not happy with the scape in my tank and I'm at a total loss of where to go.. I don't really want to move the wood very much (it's attache to tile on the bottom and will be a total pain to move).. So I'm mostly looking for advice on the plants.

If you want to make any suggestions on new plants, please keep in mind that I only want to keep plants from South America in the tank (or at least close.. Like my vals).

I just removed a lot of pennywort and moved it around, so it looks a bit funky right now. I don't know if I completely want to rip it all out....

I'm thinking of removing the vals and the ozelot sword (which is not doing well) on the left sword and just growing another Amazon sword over there, but I don't know if that'd look painfully simple?

Ugh.. Please help? :)


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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