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I NEED HELP with my shrimps.

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I have an emergency in with my shrimps.
I have a temporary tank with all my shrimps. I finish my “new” tank this last Sunday (is a cycled tank) and I’m transfer my shrimps. I notice a lot of skinny brown worms swimming on the water of the temporary tank and I accidentally put some of those worms in my tank.

I already bought no planaria from Amazon and will arrives tomorrow.

I’m never used no plantaria before and I’m really stress out about this outcome.
I still have a lot of shrimps including a lot of baby ones to transfer and I don’t know what to do. I know that the new tank has worms because I saw a few swimming.

please, help me.

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This is not necessary. You don't appear to have an issue with Planaria. There's no need to keep messing with your tank. Just let it settle and do its thing. You'll have more success if you just leave things alone for a while and have patience.

These are nematodes - detritus worms - and they're common in new tanks. Especially those that are using soil-based substrates. They'll disappear on their own in a short period of time as their food source dwindles.
Agreed ^ don’t do anything about the worms. You’ll likely just stress your shrimp. The worms are harmless.

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