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okay so if not all, most of my plants are starting to get brownish on the edges of the leaf. the most affected are my HC(which i garantee it will be dead soon) and some of the older leaf of the downoi. now my ranunculus has a brownish color around edge of the leaf. ive been read around the plant deficiency charts and the closest i could match my symtoms are under "nitrogen deficiency" but it dosent say what caused it and whats the fix. also some of the soil has this rust look to it.

any idea whats going on?
am i over dosing? under dosing? too much light too less lights/co2?
i do admit ive been lazy about doing the right measurements on dosing my tank. my other low tech betta tank seems to be doing way better than my high tech.

anyways here are my water parameters. ive been using the api 5 in 1 test strips while i wait for Amazon to ship me my complete test kit, so these readings are not exact

6 gallon tank

temp 22-25c
gh +/- 6.7*
kh +/- 3*
ph 6.5
nitrite 0
nitrate 40

dosing dry SCAPE ferts every other day 3 times a week

+/- 3/8 teaspoon of kno3, 13% iron chelate, and kh2po4

pressurized c02 25-30 bps

X3 13w 6500k lights 8 hours a day

someone school me please before i kill off my plants !:icon_cry:

Are these real?
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Remember, sometimes a picture is worth 1000 or so words. :D "Nitrogen" deficiencies means Nitrate deficiencies for us, and it can be relieved with KNO3. But if your levels are 40ppm then lack of N is unlikely.

What do you mean by
X3 13w 6500k
Do you have three of those over your tank?

If you dose +/- 3/8 of a tsp of KH2PO4 three times a week in a 6 gal tank then your P will be off the chart. Probably same for micros. Remember, more isn't always better, a little bit goes a long way, etc. Or is that something already premixed that you dose 3/8 tsp of?

How often / how much water changes?
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