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You really can't go with any other carpets besides those two. I would look into DHG ( Eleocharis parvula or Dwarf hairgrass ), it's typically shorter than the standard HG ( Eleocharis sp. ). The only problem is it likes to curve which could set off your over-compulsive disorder; well if you have one like me haha.

Maintenance is actually very easy on DHG even in a high tech environment. All you really need is sufficient amount of light and nutrients (which eco-complete is a great choice on substrate :proud:). DHG will probably be a slow grower, but you could speed things up a bit with dosing Excel every few days (1-2 hours before lights come on).

You could also look into Staurogyne repen. Though this is a foreground/midground plant - you would have to learn to trim shoots to promote creeping growth. It does require a bit of Co2 though, but not as heavy as HC (baby tears), Glosso, or UG.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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