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As far as my lights go, I am using 2x13 watt CFL, and I'm hoping that's not too much light. My tank is a 10 gallon, and I plan on keeping 6x Neon Tetras, and 3 Amano Shrimps.
Depending on the reflector behind your bulbs, that *could* be a lot of light for a non-CO2 tank.

I'd put your light on a timer and run it no more than 4 hours a day while you're gone.

I personally have never had luck with any of the Eleocharis species for very long in any non-CO2 setup (I love them, I've tried quite a few times *sigh*) HOWEVER, you might look at Lilaeopsis mauritiana for a similar look? It's the most grass-like carpet plant I've found so far that will thrive even in non-CO2 setups. The tanks on the far left and far right in my signature are both carpeted with L. mauritiana.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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