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I need advice.

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Hello all,
I have a problem. Sometime over the last two days I experienced what I believe to be an end of tank dump. I have a do!aqua 35 gram co2 cart system with single stage regulator, solonoid, and diffuser/bubble counter. The diffuser/bubble counter being one unit a glass tube that is filled with water and has a ceramic disk at the top. Co2 bubbles from the bottom through the water and diffuses through the disk. Normally after the co2 is shutoff for a few hours water completely fills the tube and after it is turned on it displaces about a 1/4in of water for a co2 pocket. I found an empty diffuser no water at all and an empty co2 cart. The weird thing is I did not loose fish. When I used to run 1 bps the cart lasted a over a month. I am now running 2bps and I got 3 weeks out of the last cart but I just replaced this one last week. I don't understand what happened. It should be noted that I just found out about end of tank dumps and have been letting my carts run dry.

So my questions are 1 was this a end of tank dump so soon after replacement? 2 how do I prevent this again? 3 do I have a pos co2 system that is a lost cause?

Also I only have a 15 gal tank so I don't need a big co2 system.

Thanks for the help.
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Most likely, you have a leak somewhere when you went to replace your cartridge.

When you replace your cartridge, I would do a leak test with soapy water (just paint it all over the joints to ensure that you are not losing CO2 somewhere).

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I emptied my 5# CO2 tank in 3 days because I doubled up on the gaskets between the CO2 tank and the High Pressure Regulator.

Leak check your system! Teflon pipe tape helps between threads as well.
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