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I need advice on lighting for my 36gallon

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Hey everyone!
I currently have a low tech 36 gallon with a dual 24 watt t5ho fixture which makes it about 1.3 wpg. I have DIY co2 when I keep up with it. I don't have much growth on my plants. My Vals, anubias, crypts, and swords are grow thing abysmally slow. My java moss is growing a little bit faster but still slow and my flame moss is slowly dying. I'm thinking of buying another dual t5ho 36w fixture which would boost me up to 2.3 wpg. I'll be going off to college in the next year so I'm sure I couldn't get my dad to keep running my co2 consistently. I'm curious if 2.3 wpg would cause algae problems without co2. Secondly, I want to know if this will boost my growth so that I can grow flame moss, weeping moss, and potentially have a glosso carpet as well. Ive got my glosso growing in my high tech with 3.25 wpg and DIY co2 phenomally. Finally, I'd love some plant recommendations that would grow well in 2.3 wpg. Btw my current water conditions are as follows: ph-7.8, temp-78/80, ammonia-0,nitrite,0,nitrate~3/5ppm.

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Hi Stinkmonky,

Ferts? What and how often?
Seachem root tabs and floramax substrate. Occasionally fluval plant gro
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