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I need advice from experienced quarantine tankers!

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So my paludarium is fully cycled and ready for fish. I've been super excited and super patient for the last 8 months since the spectacular structural failure of my 55 gallon display tank. I'm ready to stock the new one but I want to do it right.

Here's the situation. I was able to save 6 otos, 6 pygmy corys, my farlowella, and my rubberlip pleco from the carnage of the 55. They are currently housed in my QT tank with my 5 home-raised black tetras, my female bristlenose, and a few more otos. I plan on getting a school of pygmy corys and a school of one-lined pencil fish from my favorite LFS. Of the fish in my QT, all 6 pygmys and 7-8 of the otos will eventually live in my paludarium.

Question: who should I stock where?


1) All new fish go straight into the paludarium with the corys and otos from my QT. Pro- I get a full new tank and my QT stays disease-free. Con- Could cause major loss in the new tank due to disease.

2) All new fish go straight into the paludarium. Wait 4-6 weeks until introducing my current stock into the new tank. Pro- I get a mostly full new tank and my QT stays free of disease. Con- paludarium won't be fully stocked for a while.

3) All new fish go into the quarantine, AFTER moving existing stock into the paludarium. Pro- the new tank stays disease free. Con- new tank has very light bioload which may cause a mini-cycle when additional fish are added.

4) All new fish go into the quarantine for 4-6 weeks. Only then do I move any fish to my new tank. Pro- new tank stays disease free. Con- possible introduction of disease into the QT could lay waste to ALL my fish, and it would be even longer until I get to enjoy fishwatching in my living room.

Addendum. I'd like a colony of RCS. Bad idea with pygmy corys, pencil fish, a farlowella, and possibly a rubberlip pleco?

My inclination is to go ahead with the RCS and option #2.

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My inclination is to go ahead with the RCS and option #2.
Mine too.

Though I'd start off with the RCS.

I've heard mixed things with Pencilfish and RCS. But get a good colony going with lots of hiding spots and chances are you'll be able to keep it going unless your Pencils just end up a super predatory bunch.
Thanks Laura! I was actually hoping I'd hear from you. I'm *hoping* that the oblique swimming angle of the unifasciatus pencils might offer some protection to the RCS. I think I might go to the LFS tomorrow!
#3 is the only sensible choice IMO, though #2 would be better than the others. If you end up with some nasty outbreak in your paludarium think about how fun it will be to treat a tank with so much organic matter.
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