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I need a petstore owner to help me...please

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Is there anybody on the forum that is a petstore owner? If so could you please PM me. I am doing work for my Small Business Entre. class and we need to interview a person with the same kind of business we would like to own. I will give out more details on the PM. Thanks!
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a pet store owner is lame job/business to be in.
better off with a plant grower or import distributor,
or a wholesale fish breeder or import distributor.
a pet store owner is lame job/business to be in.
better off with a plant grower or import distributor,
or a wholesale fish breeder or import distributor.
great input as always spypet!
lol. +1 aquanut.

It does happen. Youd probably waste more money on Water fees ,Electrical fees, and supplies.
You wont even sell enough stuff to Cover all the bills
Geez... if you have nothing helpful to add, just don't. There are LFS in most every town, and they can't all be sons and daughters of billionaires out there to burn through their inheritances. :icon_roll
There are bike shops in every town too, but everyone on the cycling message boards says to think long and hard before starting up your own bike shop. Anyway, this is just an interview, and I have a feeling that a pet store would be as good as almost anything else. It should be a good representation of local retail, right?
representing local retail? - not really.
pet stores are about as necessary as
card stores or comic book magic shops,
full of no nothing minimum wage boobs.
and all that gross tank/cage cleaning :eek5:
basically any store where kids hang out
after school is pretty much a waste.
try profiling a more essential business.
Opening a niche store in any small town, that already has one or two stores for that hobby is a difficult thing. I have seen a many cycling shops close down, along with many other stores of the nature. You have to have ALOT of customers available in your area to really make it in a business like that.

Either way, I think its a good idea for any store to compare itself to others in the area, in terms of what the established store has in terms of customers, supplies, and knowledge. You want to have the customers from the other stores shop at your place. If, and when you do open your shop try to have stuff the other shops wont have. None of the shops around here have any displays outside their fish room - even in their fish room its all crap. Having large displays on the floor would be a good way to one up the compettion. GL, and GL with your report :)
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LOL its not for a real petstore, its just for an imaginary one. I don't care if it only carries out stuff and not animals as long as its just a petstore. I should have stated that it was just a "type of business" I don't think I could have my own business seeing all the mess my dad goes through.
yowza! i feel some heat arising.
Aw, come on now. You're being a little harsh. I am sure that some pet stores out there are great and have knowledgeable staff. They're probably hiding, though.
I hope I wasnt being harsh, I dont agree with spypet. But having your own small business like a petstore is tough to do. Sowilu, have you tried calling your local stores, and see if any of them would care to assist you?
I don't own my own shop but I've helped design, build out, and open two and helped run one for over 5 years... With the right business model they can be VERY PROFITABLE! There are some people here who know which stores I was affiliated with so I can't post exact numbers but let me say that it's not unheard of to do nearly 1 million $ in sales, per year, out of less than 2000 sq. ft.
I say "follow your dreams" and open a shop if it pleases you. Just be sure to do your market research first and study the competition. Avoid an area that's already saturated with whatever product you will vend. Hire intelligent, cheap labor. Don't waste your money on printing coupons, making T.V. commercials, or expensive advertising. Support your local clubs. Don't set up your shop on "the other side of the tracks" and expect to sell high dollar items. Your shop doesn't have to be the tidiest but it may not smell under any circumstances... foul odors are bad!
Take care.
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Thanks for everybodies words but I don't plan on opening my own petstore any time soon. Its just a class assignment. I hope I didn't start anything bad with my class assignment.
Starting a fish store is far from easy but at the same time far from impossible. My buddy has turned around a once stale shop into something that is becoming quite a success (I'm there nearly every day, I see a lot that most casual customers don't). Before the coral range was limited to just the basics but he's expanding into more exotic corals. Why? No one in the area has them! You can apply the same idea to freshwater as well. A LFS here just started carrying a wide range of plants. Guess what? They can hardly keep them in stock.

The trick is to find something no one in your area has or is doing poorly. You take what they are doing poorly and do it correctly. With the right connections, advertising, and so on you can have a profitable and enjoyable job. It's not an overnight thing either. It can take a year just to even start "paying" yourself if not longer.

Anything Spypet says.....well.....:icon_roll Not everyone has to make $100k a year to be happy. For someone making fun of those who work at a store and basically calling them morons, search his posts and take that into consideration. Oh yeah the gross tank cleanings, oh boy. Turn that into a side job and you can make darn good money. How does $50+ for less than a hour of work sound? Yeah, that's crap pay. :icon_roll No shortage of customers either.
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