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I like my new FugeRay Planted Plus, but...

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I got a FugeRay Planted Plus for my 57g (36x18x18) today, and while I really like the light overall and what it does for the green of my plants, I am not fully sure about my fish's colors. I wish the light had a bit more red.

Now, to be fair I have yet to raise the light to fully cover the tank, and I have to remove some green spot algae from the glass :)angryfire) to really see what it looks like. But I am wondering how pleased you guys are with how your fish's colors come out.

Would I potentially be happier with a Satellite LED+, which seems to be color-adjustable? Or is there maybe a weak second LED strip I could add? I don't want to add another full light since I want to keep the tank fairly low-light.
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Why not just get a t8 and use only colormax bulbs?

I'm fully happy with my p+ I paid 40$ for it and traded some plants. The fish colors pop in my tank. The only thing I'm not happy about is it doesn't being the full red out of the plants. Greens are great on the other hand
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