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i havent beed here since january

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well they started my partner on celebrex in the beginning of january, i noticed changes in him aroung the middle of the month, he had osteoarthritis in his spine. i asked to to quit taking the celebrex and he refused, i asked him to go to the er and he refused, i made drs appts because he wasnt acting right and he called and cancelled them, on gunday morning january 26, 2014 i woke up to find he has passed away in his sleep, i went into a deep depression as we were together 23 years.

when thing went to some what normal i began keeping busy i moved my tank across the room to make more room in the living room, in doing so my four ram cichlids died i think because of the drastic water change. so i went with fire mouths they are doing great now i am starting over with my tank plans since getting them, if i plant it will they tear out the plants?
also can i put the plants in pots and will that deter them from digging?
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Sorry for your loss.
Pot's will help keep the plant's from being uprooted.
Also can attach plant's like anubia,and Java fern to wood or rock with fishing line,thread,or zip ties.
Is substrate spawner's that make keeping some rooted plant's in place difficult due to the pit's that the fish dig out to spawn in. Sometimes several pit's are dug before they settle on one.
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