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the worms may be planaria, not at all sure, but if so then something like a guppy will eat them.

As for daphnia, I have raised them with awesome success in a kiddie pool outside. Just put them in half shade. Can't wait till summer to set up again.

I tried them in a 10 gallon, they do not like high flow, I had a terrible time trying to feed them yeast (couldn't get green water to take hold) and after a water change I lost them all. They did not like that I guess :( I had them in there for about a month. They did not breed well either, no idea why as I thought I was doing all I could for them. It was a planted tank with very low flow and I fed them not too much not too little.

To keep them from crashing you have to keep taking out of them, don't let it get over crowded.

For fun this summer I put some daphnia in the attic. A 5 gallon tank in a window filled with green water from the kiddie pool. That's it, nothing else at all. Topped off water a couple times when I thought of it, they have over wintered up there!!

I thought I had lost them all when they disappeared from the 10 gallon, so really glad I set and forgot the attic tank.

In conclusion, the less you do with them the better, as you have found with your lily tank. Green water or spirulina powder is the best food.

Just make sure you have them in more then one place.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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