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I have some extra things to part with all of these pics are original unedited pics of the actual items you will be getting. I am on APC under the same username if you would like to see some feed back and also on Ebay with the same user ID.

I have some chain swords at $1 each plant from 3-5 leaves

I have green temple at $2 each stem about 3"-6" in this picture it is on the very right.

Here is somewhat of a close up

2 Red Wendtii Crypt Plants one is 2" with 6 leaves and the other is a 4"-5" with 5 leaves.
They are pictured toward the back next to each other.

Rotala Macranda $3 each plant which has 2-4 stems on each plant and it grows bushy between 2"-4" tall pictured on the left.

CRS Pics have both variants Pictured.
CRS Grade S+, V-Band, Tiger Tooth $5 Juvies buy 10 get 1 free.
FREE SHIPPING when you buy 10 or more!

Yellow shrimp $2 each for juvies. The first pics are of the adults that the offspring are from, which were sold to me as Fire yellows but the offspring are on the regular yellow side. Once they reach adulthood they become more yellow. Juvies are the only ones for sale right now.


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