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i have green water, HELLLPPP!

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What do I do????????
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I used a vortex diatom filter to clean up mine
1) Blackout
2) UV filter
3) Diatom filter; ie: Vortex, HOT Magnum 250, Magnum 350.

I employ alternative #3 and I love it.
I got rid of mine by reducing the light and doing 40 percent water changes every other day. Took about a week to clear up after I got serious about fixing it.
I purchased a Magnum HOT 250 w/ micron cartridge and some diatom powder to clear mine up. I still use it whenever I stir up the substrate or just to make to water sparkle. It is a great utility/maintenance filter.
Put it all into another seperate tank or bin and add some live daphnia. That'll clear it, and give you a constant supply of daph.

If it fits in your budget, i would go with the Vortex Diatom. It is an amazing filter! Cleared the water in my 26g in about 2 hours. I have the XL Vortex so it is high capacity.

I run mine about once a month now. It makes the water invisible.

I run mine about once a month now. It makes the water invisible.
Technically, water is invisible. It is the particulate matter suspended in the water that is not. ;)
I just bought a uv filter from Petsmart a couple of weeks ago, for fifty dollars. It turned the pea soup into water in about 2 days.
Fill your tank with floating plants that will both absorb nutrients and block some of your light. That's how I'm currently dealing with my latest outbreak, thanks to the bulb on my UV sterilizer being burned out.
UV , its helped me bigtime~
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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