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I have done something dumb. (Scuds)

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I have a little 10 gallon planted tank setup I have been trying to get established for a few months now. I have had a verity of issues such as 95% all the plants I have ordered online took so long in shipping nothing sprouted :/

Anyway I started having an outbreak of Break, Black, Red (not sure which) hair algae. I have tried some of the standard methods, water changes, less light, removal even tried a flag fish. I should have been more patient and continued with these methods.

Instead, I had read that Scuds (Gammarus) like to eat hair algae, I had some at home so I optimistically threw some in before researching further (usually not so impulsive) Then upon further reading I found probably 4-5 out of 6 say scuds will destroy the tank and 1-2 out of 6 saying that they are good.

Seeing as I just added them (I don’t think any where berried) what is the best solution to rid myself of them? Should I tear everything apart or is it not that serious? I believe I added roughly 10-12.

Any Advice would be wonderful, Thanks!

P.S. Maybe it was my imagination but it looked like there was quite a bit less hair algae this morning.
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if you have BBA you NEED to kill it first before any herbivores will take care of it. kill it by spot treating it with excel or peroxide (use 1mL per 10 gals of water to be safe). turn off your pumps while doing so for 15-20 mins.
after its dead it will turn reddish and the next night its usually all eaten by fish or inverts.

scuds are ok. if you have fish, they will over time eat them. especially if you have predators like apistos, rams, etc. i think catfish can eat them at night too. they are decent sources of live food for fish.
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