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i have contracted shrimp fever.

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after seeing all the shrimp tanks on here i was considering starting one up. my saturday ritual of hitting petco/petsmart/lfs on my day off, i happen to see 1 CRS in a tank. i was not going to get one, but had to have the fish guy get my wife a new paradise gourami, so i had him check if thei where any others. 4 total, i had him bag them up for me. mind you this is the first time i have seen any shrimp besides ghost or bamboo on my runs. i got home and quickly set up the 5.5g. peat moss caped with black diamond. planted a few crypto lutea, java fern and a cutting that i still have no clue what it is. seeded the tank from the bio wheel in the 29. and treated the water with aquasafe. added a fluval 455 filter and turned it all the way down. found an old led light from my sons glowfish tank ( that he some how killed ) Water Technology Aquarium Fluid Glass
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welcome to the club, there is no turning back now! haha
we will see. never had much luck with inverts, except a $30 tangerine lobster that is in with my african cichlids.
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