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I think most of us here have probably kept a betta at least once in our lives, and are aware that they are a little smarter than the average tetra. They definitely have personality, and I often wait for several weeks or even months to name mine because I want to see what sort of individual they are.

Mine earned his name.

Admiral Hikari.

Let me explain.

I've had my 30g low-tech tank for years. It was home to a school of pearl danios and my middle-aged female betta, Miss Ruby. About 3 years back, the danios I had eventually got old and died, and it was time for new fish. I chose brilliant rasboras, and Miss Ruby was fine with that. She passed away at the age of 5 1/2 last summer. Late last year, I added a school of harlequin rasboras and a blue male betta.

He is a shameless beggar for food. I mean absolutely shameless about it. The minute I walk into the room, he's front & center watching me, pacing the front of the tank. He will swim up to the surface and try to eat air to make absolutely certain I know what he wants. This will go on for 20 minutes or more if I don't cave and drop in a few fish flakes, pellets or frozen food. Once he's had his snack, he goes back about his business exploring the tank or napping on top of the outflow pipe.

He isn't alone about it anymore though. He has trained the rasboras to beg with him. Now, when I walk in, he gathers his troops, marshals them up to the front, and the whole lot of them stare me down together until I give in.

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I'm outnumbered now. There's 15 of them, and one of me. They eat at least 3 meals a day. I surrender.

The Admiral has his Hikari. I'm simply outgunned at this point.
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