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I hate waiting for the mail to come

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especially when you know that you have a package coming in that has a cool new plant in it. I'm tracking a package and the wait is brutal. I feel like a little kid waiting for santa: only santa doesnt show up while your awake.
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Haha, I was just thinking the same thing. Wishing my ups guy would show up before 6 pm tonight. At least the mail lady has the decency to come before I get home from work.

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I love it! I like ordering stuff on different days so that its like getting a "present" each day.
LOL if I ordered enough stuff to get stuff every day my wife would skin me, tan my hide, nail it to the wall, then tar and feather the remains just before moving all my stuff out to the garage for the remainder of my life. :hihi:
My campus mailroom ladies know me very well by now. When I'm expecting a really good package, especially a live animal, I alternate between lurking by my mailbox and following them around asking "Has (FedEx/UPS/USPS) been here yet?" Fortunately, they're sweet and patient ladies who not only tolerate my whinging about late packages, but also take superb care of the live critters I ship out. :)
Its here!!!!!!
I am waiting for my ricca....should come today! Hopefully....
I'm waiting on:
-2 otocinclus cats
-3 rabbit snails and hairgrass
-RAOK - riccia and water lettuce
-Drs. F&S order - silicone and GH/KH test
-Ebay order - ferts and tweezers

I'm going to have a very good week next week.
YAY! I got my red root floaters now!!!! I am so stoked you cant find it locally. I'm going to have to lurk in the swap and shop more often.
My camera broke! I was going to show some pics of how much I got... $250.00 out the window. my wife dropped it the other day and it was acting a little funny since then, kept giving me lens errors and not shutting the auto lens cap. now it wont turn on at all. :mad: sooo frustrating.
Just another "gift" package for delivery. lol
Mail came, no ricca :(

Tomorrow for sure!
Waiting for a bunch of computer parts, I got half of them, it's horrible.
waiting for the mail again.... this time I am awaiting a part for my wifes car so she can have her chevy metro back and will not be driving my truck.

also waiting on some dry fertz. oh the agony of waiting for the mail... lol
Waiting on a Samson Go Mic, should be here Wed or Thu.
well I got my fertz still waiting for the wife's car part.... it'll be like christmas today, 2 packages for me.
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