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I hate my Eheim Ecco-Replacement options?

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I have a 20G planted tank that started out with an AC which was underpowered, moved to an old Fluval, which was OK but leaked and took forever to prime. Switched to an Eheim Ecco after which I lost most of the fish (not a cycle). Filter was OK in the beginning, but soon lost most of it's flow. Cleaning (Media/Impeller) barely helps, so I suspect the puny hoses are clogging up.

Any suggestions for a replacement that's not going to break the bank and doesn't need weekly break down. What are the Marinelands like? Going on vacation soon, so I might just use a bigger AC for now so it has a chance to cycle before I go.

I should mention I have several Eheim Pros which I like, which is why I bought the Ecco POS.
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My 8 year old Ecco still runs like a champ... great flow even if the intake is covered with junk.

How long have you had the filter? If you bought it new you should have gotten a warranty with it. If you think the problem is with the hoses clogging up, clean them.

Can't give much advice since I have used Eheim filters exclusively after a bad experience with another brand but have heard good things about the Rena filters and some people swear by Sun Sun.
I have had a marineland c360 for 6 months and it works wonderful for me.
If you don't have one, get yourself a tubing cleaner. Here is an example -

That will let you clean the insides of the tubes.

Also, check your media in the filter. Often media, especially filter pads, can compact greatly reducing flow. Another thing to check is to make sure everything is seated just right, and that there are no damaged parts.

Since you got good flow at one time, it's most likely that something is blocking it. With a little luck you should be able to get it working again.
My Rena XP1 works great for my 20g tank and might be something to consider.
Which model of Ecco are you using? Perhaps you need a larger model?
I have had good luck with both eccos I have.
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