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I had my first molt in my tank today, or at least the first one I have seen evidence of. I got my first three shrimp (amanos) a little over a week ago. I saw what looked like a dead shrimp on the floor of my tank and almost panicked but then I realized it was just an exoskeleton. I really hope the little guy survived because he's in with a betta. And while the two species have been coexisting peacefully I'm worried this put him in a more vulnerable state.
Is there a way to tell apart a shrimp that recently molted? I've only seen one shrimp running around (they have lots of places to hide) and I want to know if he's the one that molted so I can know if they made it through okay. I did a sizable water change today so that may have triggered it. How often do they molt?

On the betta and the shrimp, I know that eventually one or more of them may get eaten but as of now they are getting along swimmingly. I put some food for the shrimpies in the tank and the betta seemed to enjoy it. He was eating away at it when the shrimp came up and started eating the food to. The betta just kind of looked at them and went back to eating their food.
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