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Have been helping my kids with their 10gal Glo tank with:
2x glofish tetra
2x african dwarf frogs
2x ghost shrimp
2x kuhli loach
1x dory Julii

Decided I wanted to try my hand at planted tank. Really wanted a 75gal. Bought a 75gal off craigslist at night with Fluval 407, heater, bubbler, water chems, LED lights,etc.
Got home, it didnt look right so I measured it, and it was 48x13x21 making it a 55 gal.
$225 for the setup. I really wanted a 75, but Ill try to make the best of what I have. Kicking myself, but its going to be alright. Here to learn and hopefully hook up with enthusiasts around Skagit county, Snohomish county in WA.
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