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I have a rather large population of shrimp in my 29 gal tank. It's heavily planted and decorated with driftwood. I've looked around the plants, around the edges of the driftwood, have sat for countless hours looking around the tank for the shrimp. Most I see at any one time is probably about five though there are nearly 30 (mostly Cherries) in the tank!

Well... just a few minutes ago I looked in the place where I least expected to find them: the sponge attachment on the powerhead. The sponge has an open plastic housing. The powerhead (the smallest, least powerful model AquaClear makes), is attached to the tank wall, about 3 inches under water, horizontally. It's there mostly to provide circulation. The suction from the powerhead through the sponge is weak, though apparently brisk enough to bring in edibles for the shrimp. There is also a bit of algae growing on the sponge, it's green.

Thought this was kinda cool...

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