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Hi guys!!

So I was sitting and staring at my tank trying to figure out where my assasin snail is burrowed. Not for any particular reason. Anywho I came across a clump of eggs in the sand getting eaten my my lovely little bladder snails. I dusted off all the snails and scooped the eggs in a net for now. Who do you think they belong to? Definitely not bladder snail eggs, I know what those look like. Right now I only have 1 small golden nugget pleco, 5 little Otos, 5 amanos, 5 blue velvet shrimps (the blue cherry shrimps), 1 assasin snail, and ~1 million bladder snails (lol 馃槀).

Obviously my money is on the fish, but the eggs don't look like any of the pix I've found online.

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Thirded on them being your blue velvet's eggs.

Can't be the pleco, there's no other pleco to help with that.
Can't be the otos, those are known to lay clutches similar to cory cats and usually on a surface and not the sandbed.
Can't be the amanos, those have green eggs that are far smaller.
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