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I finished applying to college!

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I guess it's safe to assume you don't have your heart set on ONE geographic location, lol. ;)

Congratulations! NOW GO GET A JOB!!!

Just kidding. Jobs suck.
Well, I did my graduate work at William & Mary (Marine Science), so will have to give that one the thumbs up. I will say; however, that I thought W&M was MUCH easier than Va Tech where I went to undergrad (Chemistry).

What's your area of interest?
Dont mean to be a thread hijacker..

Hey Kurt - Where you at in Annapolis ?
Princeton is CRAZY. I have no idea what the criteria is. One of my best friends was accepted to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Caltech, and chose to go to MIT. He did not get into Princeton. But, I don't think it is on grades. Apparently, some colleges care who you are as a person. Good luck, enjoy your senior year.
Aren't those colleges extremely expensive too?
I applied for MIT grad school and tuition was was $60,000/year... I didn't get in of course...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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